A Brief Overview of Bellevue Middle Schools

A Brief Overview of Bellevue Middle Schools

The middle schools in Bellevue are respected institutes of learning, where students have terrific opportunities to build on their elementary school education as they progress towards high school. New subjects like more advanced levels of science, world languages, dance, and orchestra are offered, and so too are numerous electives to further students’ academic and personal growth.

Here’s a snapshot of each Bellevue middle school:

Tillicum Middle School

Located at 16020 SE 16th St., Tillicum Middle School is one of Bellevue’s top schools, with a 9/10 rating from GreatSchools. Everything about Tillicum is well above average: year-over-year academic improvement, resources for disadvantaged students, and state test performance. Tillicum’s 706-student enrollment gets a 10/10 for test scores, indicating that students test at a level far above the state average. Moreover, Tillicum’s multi-ethnic student body excels in math, English, and science.

Tyee Middle School

If you’re researching homes in Bellevue and you find yourself in the Tyee Middle School district, you’re in a great spot. This middle school, located at 13630 SE Allen Rd., pairs a 9/10 GreatSchools score with a perfect 5-star score in parent/student reviews. Despite Tyee’s large enrollment of 907 students, the school has a fantastic 10/10 “equity overview” score, which confirms that students from all backgrounds are receiving opportunities to succeed. In fact, disadvantaged students at Tyee perform far better than similar students across the state.

Chinook Middle School

Chinook Middle School sits at 11650 SE 60th St. Along with its 8/10 GreatSchools score, what’s impressive about Chinook is that its 1,026 students collectively excel in state standardized tests, earning a 10/10 rating. Test scores at Chinook Middle School are far above the state average, especially in math and science, where proficiency is around 25% higher. Also, twice as many Chinook students participate in algebra than the state average. This middle school is notable too for its attention to disadvantaged students.

Odle Middle School

Odle is one of the most-reviewed schools on GreatSchools, checking in with 24 parent/student reviews – and with an average 4/5 score, the school is no doubt exceeding the expectations of many. Situated at 14401 NE 8th St, Odle Middle School’s 10/10 test score rating is right in line with the other middle schools on this list. One interesting fact is that the students at Odle possess a math proficiency that’s 30% higher than the Washington state average. Also, Odle Middle School scores an 8/10 in student progress, indicating that kids are showing significant year-over-year growth.

Bellevue Big Picture School

Residing at 14844 SE 22nd St, Big Picture School is a “choice school”. This means that enrollment is conducted via an application process typically occurring in January/February. The Big Picture School’s enrollment of 343 is small, especially considering that it serves grades 6 – 12. This is indicative of the school’s selectivity in accepting students. Bellevue Big Picture School is one of the city’s newer schools, but its first senior class (2015) graduated at a 100% rate – a trend that has continued in the ensuing years. Befitting its name, the Big Picture School’s unique approach includes a special focus on project-based learning, internships, and advanced placement courses.

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