A Quick Overview of Bellevue High Schools

A Quick Overview of Bellevue High Schools

Interested in houses for sale in Bellevue? If you’re a family with kids currently in high school or on the cusp, the real estate professionals at Better Properties Eastside in Bellevue offer this useful high school overview.

International School

Located at 445 128th Ave SE, the International School serves grades 6 - 12. It’s the top-rated high school in Washington and #18 in the national rankings provided by U.S. News & World Report. Total enrollment is 575, with 50% of students classified as minorities. These students, together with the school’s 30 full-time teachers, have achieved a perfect 100% “college readiness score” along with a 94% pass rate for AP classes.

Interlake Senior High School

If your search for Bellevue home prices brings you to the neighborhood surrounding 16245 NE 24th Street, your kids will attend Interlake Senior High School. Serving grades 9 - 12, Interlake’s total enrollment of 1,590 students enjoys a 19:1 student-teacher ratio. This high school is ranked #5 in Washington, #265 nationwide, and has a college readiness score of 68.6. Minority enrollment is 61%, and of the 75% of students who take AP tests, 83% pass.

Bellevue High School

Bellevue High School serves 1,632 students in grades 9 - 12 at 10416 Wolverine Way in Bellevue. The student body is diverse: 55% of students are male, 45% are female, and total minority enrollment is 48%. These students are more proficient in math and reading than the district and state averages, a big reason why Bellevue High is rated #6 amongst all Washington high schools. Student-teacher ratio is 21:1, and 77% of students take AP tests, with 85% of them passing. The school’s college readiness index is 68.5.

Sammamish Senior High

Situated at 100 140th Avenue SE in Bellevue, Sammamish Senior High is Washington 12th-ranked school. 70% of students participate in AP coursework and exams, with 62% of these students passing their tests. Total enrollment is 1,001 across grades 9 - 12, and the school boasts a 19:1 student-teacher ratio. At Sammamish Senior High, 39% of students are classified as economically disadvantaged, and the school’s graduation rate is 84%.

Bellevue Big Picture School

Located at 14844 SE 22nd Street, Bellevue Big Picture School caters to students in grades 6 - 12. The school’s philosophy is akin to a trade school. Learning is based on the interests and goals of each student, and the curriculum is rooted to people and places that exist in the real world. The school’s 345-student population works in small groups that include an advisor and mentor; this explains the school’s advantageous 14:1 student-teacher ratio. Students must apply to attend Bellevue Big Picture School, with admission spots dispersed equally amongst the city of Bellevue’s four attendance zones.

Newport Senior High School

With an enrollment of 1,797, Newport Senior High School is the largest of Bellevue’s six high schools. Accommodating students in grades 9 - 12, the school’s college readiness index is 77.5 and its graduation rate is 94%. Minority enrollment is 61%, and 85% of all students elect to take AP qualification tests – with 89% of students achieving a passing grade. Newport’s student body is split almost equally between boys and girls, and its 71% reading proficiency rating exceeds both the district and state average.

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