Elementary School Overview: Everett, WA

Elementary School Overview: Everett, WA

With more than 30 elementary schools located in Everett, WA, parents with grade-school-age kids have plenty of homework to do in terms of finding the right house in the right school district. Better Properties Eastside jumpstarts your research with an overview of the top schools.

Forest View Elementary School

Located at 5601 156th St SE, Forest View Elementary is a public school with an enrollment of 680 students. It’s the highest-rated elementary school in Everett, with a 9/10 rating from GreatSchools. Moreover, it boasts a five-star aggregate score based on reviews from parents. Forest View is known for its engaging programs and innovative instruction, as well as its test scores, which rank far higher than the Washington state average in math, English, and science.

Silver Firs Elementary School

Located several blocks from Forest View, Silver Firs Elementary School has a smaller enrollment (485), but unlike Forest View, Silver Firs offers a preschool program. The school’s mission is to educate with high behavioral and academic standards, nurturing and guiding students to become lifelong learners and positive contributors to the world around them. Silver Firs has an 8/10 overall GreatSchools score, and the school performs well above average in test scores and student progress. Silver Firs also excels at supporting disadvantaged students and those with disabilities.

Penny Creek Elementary School

Situated at 4117 132nd St SE, Penny Creek Elementary School is the third Everett grade school to post an overall GreatSchools score of 8 or better. And with a student body numbering 727, it’s also the largest of the three top-performing schools. Penny Creek’s philosophy is to work together and achieve emotional, social, and academic success. Test scores are strong, as is student progress, with the vast majority of kids showing marked improvement from one grade to the next. Penny Creek is ethnically diverse, and all ethnicities display excellent performance.

Jefferson Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary School instills in its students an understanding of today’s changing society, and teaches them to well-rounded, lifelong learners. Located at 2500 Cadet Way, Jefferson’s enrollment of 556 students is a little bit higher than the school district’s median. 17 reviews from parents aggregate to a 4/5-star score, and GreatSchools rates Jefferson Elementary a 7/10. Notably, student progress at Jefferson is a 10/10, indicating that kids are getting the support they need to perform well on tests and in class year after year.

Silver Lake Elementary School

Though its 675-student enrollment is bigger than Jefferson Elementary, the two schools share similarities. Both have a 7/10 GreatSchools rating and both have an aggregate four-star score based on parent reviews. Silver Lake, situated at 12815 Bothell Everett Hwy, trails Jefferson in terms of test scores and student progress, but the school’s ratings in these categories are still quite favorable compared to the state average.

Whittier Elementary School

Whittier Elementary’s enrollment of 470 students makes it the smallest school on this list. Found at 916 Oakes Ave, the staff at Whittier is passionate about creating deeper learning opportunities for their students. The school holds a 7/10 GreatSchools score, and excels on multiple fronts including test scores, student progress, and supporting students with disabilities.

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