Everett High School Overview

Everett High School Overview

If you’re considering a move to Everett and you have kids in high school, use this blog from Better Properties Eastside as a resource during your home search.

Cascade High School

Located at 801 East Casino Rd, Cascade High School isn’t just the top-rated high school in Everett - it’s also one of the best schools in the state of Washington. Cascade, which serves 1,738 students in grades 9 - 12, boasts a 9/10 score from GreatSchools. Of particular note is Cascade High School’s 10/10 college readiness rating, which places Cascade well above the state average in key analyses related to college and career readiness. This high school’s graduation rate of 96% is considerably higher than the state average of 79%.

Biology and English are two areas of significant aptitude for Cascade High School’s student body, and the school’s AP math and AP science participation are double the state average. Cascade also does an excellent job of supporting students with disabilities: these students perform at a rate that’s more than 25 % higher than the state average. In terms of teachers with three or more years of experience, 94% of Cascade’s staff meet this standard. Also, Cascade High School employs twice as many counselors than the average Washington high school.

Cascade High School strives to develop all sides of its students’ potential: academic, social, physical, creative, and emotional, in order to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in college and beyond.

Everett High School

With a student body numbering just under 1,400, Everett High School is similar in size to Cascade High School, and its 8/10 GreatSchools rating places Everett in the same category of educational effectiveness. Situated at 2416 Colby Avenue, Everett High School’s graduation rate of 97% is one of the highest in Washington. Everett High School, known as the School of Champions, emphasizes academic diversity and the development of skills that will help students excel in today’s ever-changing world.

Everett High School’s student body is comprised of several different races, all of whom show great progress in several subjects. Most notable is science, where Everett students outperform the state average by as much as 7 percent. Students with disabilities also perform well, receiving all the resources they need to be successful. These students succeed at a rate that exceeds the state average by almost 20 percent.

Mariner High School

Mariner is the largest high school in Everett, supporting a student body that numbers close to 2,200. Parents and students have posted 46 reviews to GreatSchools, with an average review score of 4/5 stars, confirming that Mariner embraces a philosophy designed around student growth and success. This success is evident in the school’s test scores for biology and math, which are higher than the state average. Math, arguably the most difficult high school subject, is an area of high performance for Mariner students. In fact, the student body’s math test scores are 13 percent higher than the state average.

Mariner has an excellent track record of supporting low-income and disabled students, with both groups exhibiting terrific progress from grade 9 to grade 12.

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