Everett Middle School Overview

Everett Middle School Overview

Moving to Everett and seeking some background on the city’s middle schools? Better Properties Eastside, one of the premier real estate agents in the Seattle metro area, is very familiar with the city of Everett and its junior high schools.

Gateway Middle School

Gateway is not only a top middle school in Everett, it’s also one of the finest schools in the state of Washington. Gateway, located at 15404 Silver Firs Drive and with a student body number of 840, has a high GreatSchools rating and a perfect five-star score based on reviews from parents. Gateway far outperforms the state average in English, Math, and Science testing, and the vast majority of students show marked improvement year to year. Gateway is also notable for its ability to get the most out of all students regardless of ethnicity or income level.

Eisenhower Middle School

Eisenhower is located at 10200 25th Ave SE. It has the same number of students as Gateway. Eisenhower’s 85 percent algebra 1 pass rate exceeds the state average: this is notable because middle school is the level at which most students are introduced to more complex mathematics. Eisenhower is an ethnically diverse school with students of white, black, Hispanic, and Asian backgrounds, and collectively these students do well in terms of test scores. Also, Eisenhower provides ample counselor support for its students – in fact, its students-per-counselor ratio is more than twice as strong as the state average.

Evergreen Middle School

With a student body numbering 968, Evergreen Middle School is the largest middle school in Everett. Parents appear very satisfied with Evergreen, with parental reviews on GreatSchools averaging out to a perfect five-star score. English and science test scores are well above the state average, and student progress at Evergreen rates an 8/10, which is superb. This school’s 18:1 students per teacher ratio is better than the state average (20:1), and students with disabilities at Evergreen do more than twice as well as the state mean.

North Middle School

Situated at 2514 Rainier Ave, North Middle School’s 672-student enrollment is one of the Everett middle school scene’s smaller numbers. North Middle School is especially notable for its outstanding 9/10 Student Progress score on GreatSchools, which indicates that the kids here are retaining and applying what they’ve learned as they progress through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. North’s Algebra 1 pass rate beats the state average by several percentage points, and the number of teachers with three or more years of experience employed at North is among the highest in the Seattle area.

Explorer Middle School

919 students attend Explorer Middle School, making it the second-largest middle school in Everett. Parents rate Explorer highly, an indication that the school well supports its diverse student body. Explorer Middle School’s student-per-counselor ratio bests the state average, as does the school’s students-per-teacher ratio of 19:1.

Voyager Middle School

Located at 11711 4th Ave West, Voyager Middle School has a relatively large enrollment of 828 students. Students at Voyager have an excellent grasp of Algebra 1, evidenced by its 84% pass rate. Counselors are readily available to students at Voyager – in fact, twice as many as the state average. Also, Voyager Middle School’s staff is arguably the most experienced in the area: 98% of its teachers have taught for three years or more.

Better Properties Eastside understands that when shopping for houses for sale in Everett, schools are a big part of a family’s decision-making process. Count on our seasoned team to help you find not just the ideal home, but also the perfect school for your middle schooler(s).

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