Five Things Fledgling Real Estate Agents Should Know

Five Things Fledgling Real Estate Agents Should Know

If you’re just beginning your career in Seattle real estate, these next couple of years will be a nonstop learning process as you gain new clients and a better understanding of the city’s many neighborhoods. Better Properties Eastside happily contributes to your growth with these five things that fledgling real estate agents should know.

Patience Is a Virtue

In any sales field, newcomers want to make an immediate impression – and it’s easy to get carried away thinking about all of the new clients you’ll have. But the reality is that around 75 percent of new real estate agents fail in their first year, and some of this is due to a lack of patience. A realistic goal for a new agent is to sell one or two properties in their first 12 months. The important thing to remember is that you’re building a business, and that the more knowledge you acquire, the more confidence you’ll have to acquire more customers. Even the most successful agents all started from square one at some point.

Neighborhood Knowledge Is Power

At the beginning of your real estate career, you’re more or less a sponge who’s constantly soaking up industry knowledge, building an increasingly refined toolkit with which to grow your clientele. One of the most important tools is knowing like the back of your hand the various neighborhoods which comprise your focus. And since you’re just starting out, the more neighborhoods you can learn about, the more people you’ll be qualified to talk with. A new home in Seattle could take on a variety of forms, since many neighborhoods have their own particular amenities, price points, and home styles.

The Right Broker Makes a Big Difference

The importance of finding the right broker for your personality and objectives can’t be understated. Find the right broker right off the bat and you could be on the fast track to real estate success; choose the wrong broker and your growth might be stunted until you make a change. Compensation is an important criteria with which to evaluate a broker, but equally vital are traits like leadership, knowledge, and training. In fact, you could look at compensation as the logical end-result of excellent knowledge, training, and leadership. Focus on these three things first and expect compensation as a result.

It’s Good To Spread The Word

Word-of-mouth is invaluable in the real estate world. Connections and networking are everything. As soon as you get your license, plan on letting everyone in your contacts list know that you’re embarking on a career in real estate. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just three sentences telling your family and friends about your new line of work. Email and text are ok, but a handwritten note will make an especially nice impression.

Listen Before You Leap

The knowledge you’ve accrued on the way to getting your real estate license will no doubt serve you well, but there’s plenty more to know, which is why listening to more experienced agents can be a big boost to a fledgling career. Talk with them about their hits and misses, and learn from their experience. Also, once you connect with a broker, ask if they have a 30-day continuing education program you can join. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be for the ups and downs of your first year in real estate.

Work With The Seattle Real Estate Experts

Better Properties Eastside employs some of the friendliest, most experienced real estate agents serving Seattle. We know this world-class city’s neighborhoods, its properties, and its people. If you’re looking to sell or buy a home, contact us today.

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