How To Know You’re Buying Your Perfect Home

How To Know You’re Buying Your Perfect Home

Better Properties Eastside knows the ins and outs of house buying in Bellevue. Our friendly, experienced team has helped thousands of Seattle area residents find their perfect home. And though it takes a lot of legwork and research, and a little bit of soul-searching, with us on your side finding your perfect home might be easier than you think.


Everyone knows the mantra, “Location, location, location”. When seeking the perfect home, location is virtually every home shoppers’ most important criteria. Location is of course an umbrella term that encompasses several subcategories: things like lot size, schools, neighborhood, and view. If you make a checklist containing all of these items, and you’ve checked each one off, you’ll know you’re buying the right home.

Health & Safety

“Beauty is only skin-deep” in many facets of life, including home-shopping. You may find a house with incredible curb appeal, the perfect paint color, and the classic façade you’ve waited your whole life for, but inside the place looks more like a medieval dungeon. Mold (especially black mold) and mildew are incongruous with the “perfect home”, no matter how much you love the home’s exterior, room count, etc. Health and safety are a priority, and you want your family to enjoy living in a house where there’s no threat of toxicity or sickness.

Room Count

Further to the mention above of “room count”, this is another key to finding the perfect home. Whether you’re house-hunting for yourself or as part of a family, you know how many rooms you need in order to live comfortably for years to come. No doubt you’ll see at least a few houses that check every other box except this one, but holding fast to your room-count requirements is key to buying the ideal abode.

Structural Quality

In the quest to find the perfect home, you might need to make a few compromises regarding the home’s condition. Fresh paint in the living room, new carpet for the master bedroom, and backyard landscaping that’s more to your tastes are all minor projects that can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively. However, if you come across a home whose foundation is weak or whose roof needs to be replaced, rest assured the place does not have “perfect” potential. Expect to do a little bit of work, but not too much, to make your new home perfect.


Similar to finding a special person in your life, most home shoppers “just know” when they’ve found the perfect house. For example, if you find that you’re trying to talk yourself into buying a certain home, it’s a good sign that you love it. Part and parcel to this sign is the ease with which you can imagine yourself living there. Another “tell” is when you’re in a home that you simply don’t want to leave, because every other house you’ve seen pales in comparison.

Your Perfect Home Is Waiting For You

Seattle real estate is some of the most sought-after in the country, and Better Properties Eastside is the ideal guide in your search for the perfect home. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and get started.

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Get started today with a free home evaluation!

Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your home and give you a report on its market potential.

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