Moving from a Corporate/National Firm to a Locally Based one What to expect for real estate agents

Moving from a Corporate/National Firm to a Locally Based one What to expect for real estate agents

The national/corporate setting (think companies like Keller Williams and Century 21) and the “local”  one each offer their own advantages, and thus hold different appeal to different people. Some people  value structure and enjoy a relatively low pressure setting, and are content with the commissions  offered by these companies

Others, though, are bored or feel stifled by it. Perhaps you feel you could accomplish more, if given  more autonomy. Perhaps you simply feel self sufficient at this point in your career. One big reason to  consider moving on from the national firms where so many real estate agents start their careers is  money. Some smaller, locally based firms (like Better Properties) offer bigger commissions.

There’s a tradeoff, though. Frankly, companies like BPE are not for everybody. Sure, we all would like  to make more for our contributions. But that needs to be weighed against everything else that another  firm offers. There’s two negative outcomes that you’ll suffer if you’re simply not ready to take the  leap, or its not for you:

1) you’ll be unhappy, because you’re out of your depth and uncomfortable on a daily basis

2) you actually make  less , for a variety of reasons, which we’ll explore another time

Worst case scenario, both of these apply, leaving you miserable as well as poorer for your troubles.  With all this in mind, we want to advise you on what you can expect when taking the leap

1. Growth --- and growing pains


If you’re comfortable where you’re at, and you value being comfortable, you might be better off there.  Working in a less structured setting will require you to grow, and growth isn’t easy. You’ll need to self  motivate. You’ll need to be disciplined and proactive. You’ll need to learn to manage your time well,  and to seize the opportunities that you get. Of course, these skills apply to real estate in any setting. But  more than ever, you’ll need to treat your job like running a business.

The flip side, of course, is that you’ll grow, professionally and personally. You’ll reap the benefits that  come from things like increased confidence, accountability, and a stronger attention to detail.

2. Challenge


You won’t be bored (unless you’re not pushing yourself hard enough). You’ll be able to take on as  much as you are willing to go get. Things won’t be easy, but then, nothing worthwhile ever is. The  outcome of your endeavors will rest on your shoulders, whether its good or bad. The good news is  you’ll take home a larger share of the rewards. The more you challenge yourself, the more you’re going  to make, and the more you’re going to learn.

3. Opportunity


Challenge is an opportunity. In this case, its an opportunity to grow, and to earn more. You’ll have the  opportunity to earn more on every sale. You’ll also spend less time in mandatory meetings, scheduled  by somebody else. Hopefully, that extra time will give you the opportunity to close more sales.

4. Autonomy

It will be up to you to make crucial decisions that affect your success, and your livelihood. You’ll be  able to manage your time in a way that is most conducive to your own style. Nobody’s going to be  micromanaging you, or pinning you down to give you an earful of “advice” when you could be making  hay. You’ll need to be accountable, but you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing your fate is in your owns  hands.

5. Enjoyment


If you don’t enjoy your work, its all for nothing. After all, we spend most of our lives working. And  enjoying your day will lend itself to your success. The freedom to pursue your goals in a way that is  both enjoyable and effective to you, personally, is stimulating.

You’ll get more satisfaction from your successes, and you’ll be able to challenge yourself as much as  you need to stay engaged.

Your offer from Better Properties Eastside


BPE doesn’t want to micromanage you or nickel-and-dime you. The success of our agents  is  our  success. We like to hire real estate agents that know what they need to succeed, their way. Support will  be there when you need it, but it won’t be forced on you. Most importantly, we understand that money  is a great motivator, so we give our agents 90-100% of commission on their sales

No Nickel and Diming

---NO Monthly Fee

---NO Desk Fee

---NO Phone/Fax Fee

---NO Copier/Scanner Fee

---NO Mandatory Office Meetings

---NO Mandatory Floor Time

Keep More of What You Earn

---When a transaction closes, brokers will receive 90% of the listed commission.

---We allow brokers to reduce rates to compete and match cut-rate commissions companies, such  as Redfin, who offer lower percentages.

---After a broker has paid $8,500 ($12,000 per two-person team, per calendar year) to the office,  the broker will move to 100% commission.

*At 100% commission, the agent will pay a $185 processing fee and a $25 franchise fee for each closing.

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Get started today with a free home evaluation!

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Get started today with a free home evaluation!

Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your home and give you a report on its market potential.

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