Preparing for the next stage of your real estate career

Preparing for the next stage of your real estate career

Large corporate firms like Keller Williams do provide some benefits to certain types of agents; those  who are inexperienced will find that they are a good place to learn and to grow, for a while. Agents  who are risk-averse, or prefer structure, can be comfortable in the corporate setting. The problem with  these companies, though, is that they have a low ceiling for highly motivated real estate agents, and this  ceiling is hard to break through.

Local firms like Better Properties Eastside offer more money and more freedom to real estate agents.  You won’t have to conform to stifling corporate norms, nor will you have to climb the corporate ladder  to make good money. You’ll just make more money on the sales you close (BPE gives real estate  agents 90-100% of the commission).

This is the logical next step in your career as a growth-oriented real estate agent, but of course, it takes  time to get there. Only those agents with a streak of independence and ambition are actually going to do better for themselves in this setting. So how do you know when you’re ready? And more  importantly, what can you do to  get  ready? That’s what we’ve covered below.

You’ll know you’re ready when...


When you’re largely self-sufficient. When you’re able to accomplish the tasks your standard work week demands of you, without being babysat. When you find yourself not needing to call the boss, or,  even better, when the boss stops checking in on you (although its important not to misinterpret total  disgust with your performance or your attitude as confidence in your abilities). When the meetings  you’re forced to attend start to get in the way of productive work, or when “support” starts to feel like  micromanaging.

Most of all, you’ll know you’re ready to move on when the firm you work for is almost dispensable to  you. That means that they aren’t offering you anything, except the credentials you’re required to have  as a real estate agent. That’s where companies like Better Properties come in, providing a place to  work, the credentials you need, and support and resources only when needed.

How to get ready

If you feel you’re not ready, but are ready to be ready, there are some practices you can adopt to  become more self-sufficient. Mostly, this comes down to learning to challenge yourself daily. You can  do that by asking yourselves the following questions:

Ask yourself what it would take to get to the point where your current job  no longer  challenges  you.  That means you have no burning questions left. It means you accomplish your to-do’s in the time  you allot yourself for them. It means you know how things are going to play out, most of the time.  Your job has become predictable.

Ask yourself what your supervisors know, and how it is that they know it.  If you’re asking them  questions, its pretty obvious what they know that you don’t. If you don’t know where they’ve acquired  their knowledge, you can try asking them. If they’re unwilling to share, well, you didn’t really expect it  to be  easy , did you?

A strategy for this one is to make a list of all the questions you would need to know to be self  sufficient, and then find a way to get answers. Don’t forget that you don’t always know what is you  don’t know --- often the hardest part is learning the right questions to ask.

Here’s what BPE will offer you when you’re ready


No Nickel and Diming


--NO Monthly Fee

---NO Desk Fee

---NO Phone/Fax Fe e

---NO Copier/Scanner Fee

---NO Mandatory Office Meetings

---NO Mandatory Floor Time

Keep More of What You Earn

---When a transaction closes, brokers will receive 90% of the listed commission.

---We allow brokers to reduce rates to compete and match cut-rate commissions companies, such  as Redfin, who offer lower percentages.

---After a broker has paid $8,500 ($12,000 per two-person team, per calendar year) to the office,  the broker will move to 100% commission. *At 100% commission, the agent will pay a $185 processing fee and a $25 franchise fee for each  closing.

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Get started today with a free home evaluation!

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Get started today with a free home evaluation!

Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your home and give you a report on its market potential.

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