Top Five Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Agent

Top Five Reasons To Hire a Real Estate Agent

Ready to dive into the process of house buying near Bellevue? Although purchasing a home is one of the most exciting, rewarding moments of a person’s life, the process itself can be complex and confusing. You need a savvy real estate agent like Better Properties Eastside providing invaluable support and advice. Here are five reasons why it’s a smart move to hire us.

Education & Experience

In what for many people will be the biggest purchase of their lifetime, it’s wise not to put your faith in someone who lacks the education and experience to help you make the right decision. In some cases, the person lacking education/experience is the homebuyer himself - a pitfall that’s more prevalent than ever because of technology and the ubiquitous presence of information, good and bad. With so much riding on your decision, and given how precious your time and money are, you should work with a real estate agent that offers deep knowledge of the process and your desired city, and who you click with on a personal level.

Neighborhood Insight

Like an intrepid reporter or a well-connected private eye, a seasoned real estate agent has access to information about your desired neighborhood that the average person doesn’t. From comparable home sales and schools, to demographics, price changes, and recent home upgrades, a real estate agent possesses valuable data that vastly increases your chances of finding the perfect house.

Negotiation Skills

One of the most important negotiation skills is also one of the most overlooked: the fact that a good negotiator can put emotional ties aside and negotiate the best deal based on the hard data at hand. Just like lawyers, real estate agents are strong negotiators with an unwavering dedication to their clients’ needs and confidentiality. A real estate agent leaves emotion behind, focuses on the stats, comps, and financials, and works hard to negotiate the most favorable outcome for you, the homebuyer.

After-Closing Support

Virtually every purchase, no matter the size, comes with after-purchase questions from the buyer. And the more expensive/detailed the purchase, the more questions arise. In this case we’re speaking specifically about after a homeowner closes on a house and moves in. Property taxes, inspection credits, remodeling referrals, mortgage basics, and much more can enter the homeowner’s mind once “purchase euphoria” has faded. A real estate agent is always available to answer any questions, address any concerns, and put you in touch with the right person in order to sort out an issue.


There once was a time when a purchase agreement for a home was only one page in length. Those days are long gone, and today there’s a staggering amount of paperwork associated with the real estate world. Mistakes and omissions can lead to lost time and money, not to mention court appearances. But with a real estate agent by your side, all you need to worry about is signing on the dotted line.

Get started today with a free home evaluation!

Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your home and give you a report on its market potential.



Get started today with a free home evaluation!

Let our knowledgeable team evaluate your home and give you a report on its market potential.

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