Four reasons besides the commission to work for a 100% commission brokerage

Four reasons besides the commission to work for a 100% commission brokerage

The 100% commission model has more to offer real estate agents than just fatter commissions, and that’s part of why it’s taken such a strong foothold in the real estate market.

We  believe the 100% commission mode is the future of real estate - especially in light of uncertain times and unprecedented market conditions. Here’s why:

1. Fewer fees

In addition to giving agents the lion’s share of the commission, firms like BPE don’t nickel-and-dime their agents for miscellaneous fees. These things add up over time, putting a noticeable amount of extra money in an agent’s pocket over the course of a year.

2. No micromanaging

There are fewer obligations for agents at BPE. We want to attract competent, independent agents who know their strengths and do well without a babysitter.

Nobody is going to force you to come to the office for trivial and mundane nonsense. We’d prefer to see our agents out in the field, providing value, rather than attending unnecessary daily meetings or being otherwise micromanaged.

3. Flexibility: set your own schedule

Again, there’s no real reason for your brokerage to tell you where to be every minute of your work day. Successful agents know how to manage their time. Therefore, doing it for them is not a good use of our time.

BPE is also accommodating to part-time real estate agents.

4. Long-term career prospects

The 100% model is a sustainable business model. The market is changing. Prices have climbed steadily over the last several years, and inventory seems to spend ever-less time on the market.

Businesses in every industry have shuttered forever amidst the economic disaster of the last two years. The businesses that survive and thrive are those that are built lean and are ready to adapt. 100% commission brokerages are a new breed of brokerage built for the modern age, while the big box corporations are going to be slowed down by their own corporate bureaucracy.

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Agents will earn 95-100% commission on every deal they close, and won’t be nickel-and-dimed for the numerous fees that some of the corporate big-box firms are known for.

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