Selling Process

Our agents will prepare a Listing Agreement document and your signature allow us to represent you and list and market your property. We have your best interest in mind in getting the most value for your home.

Our agents will work with you to determine the right price to list your property. This is the most important part of selling your home and there are many factors that will effect this process such as location and condition of your home, as well as availability and pricing and selling history of similar and nearby homes.

Preparing your house to show is a key step in selling your home. After all, the first impressions are essential for a buyer to fall in love with your home and make an offer.

We help you with marketing plan for your property or home to attract the buyers. We arrange for “showing” and “Open Houses”. We will work with you in arranging the times if you are residing at the house.

When an offer is made by a buyer and accepted by you, the seller, a document called Purchase and Sale agreement is created that details all the terms and conditions of this transaction and it is signed by both parties.

After both parties accept to this sale and purchase, a licensed inspector is hired to see if the home is in good shape or if any repairs are needed. This inspection identifies any issues with structure, roof, plumbing and electrical, heating and air conditioning or any other repairs that the home may require. The result of the inspection could affect the pricing or create some more room for negotiation.

Once the final agreement is made by parties, an escrow process starts. Escrow allows an outside party to verify and ensure all the elements of the contract are complete and all necessary documents are prepared for closing.

Prior to closing, you will receive a Settlement Statement that outlines any fees that may apply to you as a seller. Closing is the last step in this transaction. At closing, all the required paperwork and documents are signed by both parties and all settlement fees are paid to the parties and documents are officially recorded.

Prepare Your House For Selling

Ok, your house is going to be listed, how do you want to “Show” it? Let’s face it, the first impressions always count. There is a common understanding that a clean and uncluttered house invites buyers to spend more time imagining themselves living there and be more interested in your home while they are looking at your house.

Make a checklist of the condition of your house, inside and out. Remember that the outside condition of your house is just as important as the inside. Here are just a few examples. Our agents can provide you with a more comprehensive list and suggestions.

Curb Appeal
Lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed and yard looks clean. Trash/Recycling containers are out of sight. Driveway is clean from moss. Entry decks, patios and steps are clean.

Remove all clutter and tidy up. Less items make your room look larger. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to brighten a room but stay with neutral colors.

Remove dishes from sink and keep your kitchen and bathroom very clean. Wash or clean the windows. Don’t forget to tidy up the garage.

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