Selling your Home 101: Interior Updates and Repairs

Selling your Home 101: Interior Updates and Repairs

Although selling your home as-is seems tempting, that decision can end up costing you dearly in the long run. Performing key interior updates and repairs not only makes your home sell faster, but also increases its final sales price. You do not have to go all out to net a great return on your investment, however. You can simply perform the five following interior updates and repairs to prepare your home for listing on the local real estate market.


Minor renovations to the kitchen area adds a wow factor that can help your home sell quickly. In addition, updating the kitchen nets you an impressive 83 percent return on investment, meaning that your home price increases by 83 dollars for every 100 you spend.

The renovation process should include countertops, cabinets and flooring updates. New appliances can sweeten the deal even further, but they are not absolutely necessary, as many buyers expect to bring their own appliances anyway.


A tastefully updated bathroom helps homes for sale in Bellevue sell faster, as buyers envision themselves enjoying that space. You can net just over 70 percent return on investment for this project. Therefore, if you end up spending about $16,000 on your remodel, you will receive just over $11,000 back when the home sells.

If you do not want to budget out nearly that much, simply upgrading the finish materials is a cost-effective update that improves the look and feel of the bathroom. You may also want to replace the bathroom fixtures, including the showerhead, with eye-catching pieces that complement the rest of the design.


A full window replacement greatly improves the energy efficiency of your home and boosts its aesthetic value. A return on investment of 70 percent is commonly enjoyed with this upgrade, making it a smart choice while preparing your home for the market. Triple-pane, Energy Star rated windows will help keep the residence cool in the summer and warm in the winter by completely eliminating drafts and heat transfer. If this upgrade exceeds your expected budget, simply select double pane windows that match your interior and exterior décor.


Floors in nearly every home undergo an immense amount of use that results in visible signs of wear and tear. Refinishing or replacing the flooring materials can reinvigorate the interior space in a noticeable way. You should have the repairs or upgrades performed by a professional to ensure the finish will increase the sales value of your home. When buyers step into your home for a viewing, the refinished or replaced flooring will be the first thing to catch their eye.


A new coat of paint in every room is also a great thing to do before placing houses for sale. Select neutral colors that brighten up the space and make the residence feel even larger than it is. The neutral palette will appease nearly everyone and act as a beautiful backdrop for future renovations. You can either choose to have the walls hand-painted with a brush and roller or have a professional quickly come through with a sprayer.

Once you tackle these areas, you can confidently place your home on the local real estate market and wait for the bids to roll in. Your agent will help you navigate this process with ease from beginning to end.

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