Why 100% commission brokerages provide better value to the customer

Why 100% commission brokerages provide better value to the customer

No matter which real estate brokerage you go through, the percentage the customer pays is roughly the same. The only difference is that the agent gets most, if not all, of that commission at a company like Better Properties Eastside.

So the question is, who would work for a traditional firm that takes so much money out of the agent’s pocket? There are two types:

1. Those who aren’t ready to thrive independently, and still need to be micromanaged. This is not a knock on those agents, as independence is something that comes with experience.

2. Those who don’t know there’s a better option

The point is, the cream of the crop are not going to sit around under the corporate thumb of major real estate brokerages and do all the leg work while the company takes their pound of flesh, and then nickel and dimes them to boot with fees like “desk fees” and “phone fees”.

They’re not going to sit around and take insult to injury while they’re forced to comply with somebody else’s schedule, knowing full well that they could be out in the field providing value to clients and making money.

The best agents are going to be found at a 100% commission brokerage

So what are the best agents good at? They’re motivated, aggressive, and good at negotiating. They communicate effectively to quickly build a strong understanding of a home buyer’s needs and tastes, and then they get to work finding the best options.

Aggression is especially important these days, with inventory moving faster than ever. Despite the fact that prices in our area are higher than we ever could have imagined back in the early 2010’s, demand continues to outstrip supply. Homes are on the market for mere days, rather than weeks or months.

As Real Trends shared in this, recent article, the properties are out there. We just have to adapt to the new conditions and find ways to compete for those properties. So when you’re looking to buy a home in the Greater Seattle area, ask yourself where you’re most likely to find the aggressive, resourceful type of agent that the job requires.

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